Maisonkoti in English

Private small group homes for mental health patients

Maisonkoti opened in the spring of 1996. The homes are designed for mental health patients in need of some sort of recovery treatment. Treatment is especially aimed at patients who need professional, qualified and flexible care along with personally supported housing and rehabilitation services. Supported housing also includes nursing services, services offered by a psychiatrist and board. The apartments are conveniently located near the Kannelmäki railway station. Additionally, there is a health clinic and a library nearby along with other recreational and supporting services.

All employees are specialised in mental health rehabilitation. The founder herself is a mental health and specially trained nurse. Furthermore, she also specializes in treatment of substance addiction. Outside specialists and other external services are used when needed.

Every patient is given a personal rehabilitation and coping plan. The main objective of the facilities is to provide everyday life skills and obligations by the means of individual, group and community care and treatment. The main components in addition to a personal rehabilitation plan are everyday actions, interaction skills and other mind stimulating recreational activities. If the goal for a patient is to live independently and leave the home, help-support can be provided to allow for a smooth transition.

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